Working Papers

  • Twisting the Truth: Foundations of Wishful ThinkingConditionally Accepted at Theoretical Economics, Download
  • Thinking Inside the Box: Status Quo Bias and Stochastic Consideration - Download New version coming soon!
  • Satisficing with a Variable Threshold (joint with Levent Ulku) - Under Revision for Journal of Mathematical EconomicsDownloadSlides
  • Sticky Beliefs: A Characterization of Conservative Updating - A New Version Coming Soon!
  • Ambiguity and Partial Bayesian UpdatingDownload

Work in Progress

  • Salience and Bounded Rationality In Games: The Imbalanced Quantal Response Equilibrium (joint with Gerelt Tserenjigmid)
  • Motivated Reasoning in Probability Updating  (An experiment, with Matthew Chao)
    • This study is supported by a grant from the Moore Foundation
  • Frame Sensitive Voters and Electoral Competition